In response to high demand from customers, GA International has created Dymo-compatible CryoStuck (patent pending) labels for Dymo LabelWriter printers, which are commonly found in many research laboratories. This new product’s launch is aligned with GA’s mission to provide convenient access to high-performance lab labels for life science workers worldwide so that they may pursue their work with confidence.

Since its launch, CryoStuck labels have been a key product for GA International’s LabTag division. CryoStuck cryogenic labels are designed for labeling and re-labeling biological sample containers already stored in liquid nitrogen or ultra-low-temperature freezers. 

CryoStuck labels have an adhesive designed to stick to frozen containers at a minimum application temperature of -80°C (-112°F). This eliminates the need to thaw biospecimen samples before being re-labeled, helping preserve valuable samples by reducing repeated freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, once affixed, they can be restored in cryogenic conditions, with no cure time, in temperatures as low as -196°C. 

Dymo-compatible CryoStuck labels also withstand thawing in water baths and have demonstrated outstanding resistance (incidental as well as immersion) to harsh chemicals and solvents used in multiple laboratory protocols. 

For more information, visit LabTag.