Web-Based Assay Verification Tool

Assists with quantitative molecular assay verification

The EZValidation™ Online Tool from Life Technologies, Benicia, Calif, is a Web-based program designed to assist laboratories in identifying quantitative molecular assay verification or validation requirements to comply with CLIA accreditation requirements in the United States and meet ISO standards in Europe. Compliance with CLIA requirements is necessary for any laboratory that reports patient results for clinical purposes in the United States. The online tool, which may be configured to work with Life Technologies’ AcroMetrix® quality control materials, helps labs establish a workflow from protocol development through the final report generation. The tool provides a simplified path for adopting new molecular assays through ISO 15189, CLIA, CAP (College of American Pathologists), and New York state guidelines. The online tool is also updateable for new guidelines and tests as they are developed.

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