36-Inch-Deep Ductless Fume Hood

Use a gas phase bonded carbon filter

The ductless fume hood lineup from AirClean Systems, Raleigh, NC, has been further expanded to provide lab designers with a range of options without the need for costly customization. Based on the company's 30-inch-depth design, the new 36-inch depth is available in AirClean Systems' 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-foot wide folding-sash ductless fume hood models. These 30-inch- and 36-inch-deep polypropylene ductless fume hoods use a gas phase bonded carbon filter. This filter eliminates filter dusting and dead zones associated with many traditional granular carbon filters, according to the company. Each unit features a microprocessor-based automatic safety controller, keeping constant check on airflow and filter quality, and alerting the operator in the event of filter saturation. The ductless fume hoods feature dual-wall construction for plumbing and mounting fixtures, and a vertical sliding safety glass sash. The seamless polypropylene construction is chemically resistant and will not rust.

AirClean Systems
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Portable Chillers

Deliver up to 2,900 watts of cooling at 20°C

Six new 3/4 and 1 HP chillers featuring WhisperCool™ Environmental Control Technology are now available from PolyScience, Niles, Ill. Capable of delivering up to 2,900 watts of cooling at 20°C, 6000 Series portable chillers with this patent-pending system have part-load noise levels below that of conversational speech. WhisperCool technology also optimizes compressor and evaporator performance, decreasing overall energy consumption and prolonging compressor life. PolyScience 6000 Series Chillers are capable of maintaining process temperatures from -10°C to +40°C with ±0.1°C stability. A heater option is also available that extends cooling temperature to +50°C and provides the ability to apply heat up to 70°C. The chillers are available with turbine, positive displacement, or centrifugal pumps. Other standard features include extra-large temperature and pressure/flow rate digital readouts, one-touch temperature control, and remote temperature tracking/control capability as well as integral temperature, pressure, and flow alarms.

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