sl01.jpg (10824 bytes)This company has released a line of AC voltage regulators called the SVR Series. They are available in 1, 1.8, 2, 2.4 and 3kVA rackmount models and are UL listed. The product provides a voltage/current source and precision regulation for various types of equipment: sensitive laboratory and medical equipment, computers with integrated DAC capability, spectrographs, computer-based precision measurement or position systems, or electronic equipment used in harsh or polluted power environments.
     The SRV uses multiple levels of active electronics that reduces transverse mode transient pass-thru by greater than 60db. Output voltage regulation is +-2%, frequency +-3%, while operating over the wide input voltage range with less than 3% THD for linear loads and less than 5% for non-linear loads.
     It can provide input power factor correction.
     The SRV can be configured for use as an international voltage and frequency converter, through factory modification and the addition of an external input transformer.
Falcon Electric
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