AcroMetrix announces the launch of the first standardized quality control for MSSA molecular testing. The OptiQual MSSA Positive Control may be used to independently ensure accuracy and precision through all phases of MSSA DNA testing procedures.

AcroMetrix continues to invest in the hospital-acquired infections product family, now offering controls for both MRSA and MSSA. A control for Clostridium difficile will soon be offered as well.

Methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) is a type of bacteria that is sensitive to certain antibiotics. Staph infections, including those caused by MSSA, occur most frequently among immunocompromised patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities, but can also occur in otherwise healthy people.

“With the urgency currently associated with MRSA and MSSA screening, it is important that hospitals are able to implement tests with the appropriate level of quality control,” said Michael J. Eck, CEO of AcroMetrix. “Many critical and costly patient treatment decisions will be based on the results of these tests so it is crucial that all phases of the testing procedure are properly monitored.”

Source: AcroMetrix