January 5, 2007

Archemix Corp has begun its first-in-human phase I study with a successful initial dosing with ARC1779.
ARC1779 represents a novel therapeutic principle – the reduction of platelet aggregation and thrombosis by inhibition of von Willebrand Factor (vWF). Previously completed experiments in human blood samples and in animal models of disease have shown that ARC1779 binds specifically to activated vWF and blocks it from binding to blood platelets, resulting in the inhibition of platelet-dependent clot formation at sites of arterial vessel injury, while preserving normal platelet function and blood clotting in the remainder of the body. 
Phase I is expected to continue into the second quarter of this year and consists of two studies. The first will investigate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics (PK), and pharmacodynamics (PD) of single intravenous bolus and bolus plus infusion administration of ARC1779 in healthy volunteer subjects.

The second study will focus on the potential PK and PD interactions of intravenous bolus ARC1779 with two standard anti-thrombotic drug therapies – orally administered aspirin and clopidogrel – in healthy volunteer subjects.

Planning for the start of Phase II in both cardiology- and hematology-related indications is underway for the fourth quarter of this year.