productThis free, full-color brochure describes the Leica ASP 300 Tissue Processor, a fully enclosed, stand-alone system for the processing of up to 300 specimens (cassettes).
     The ASP 300 combines proven technology with an innovative user interface and Smart operating software. The user interface combines a color touch-screen and easy-to-use, yet powerful software. It includes a variety of Smart features, which help improve sample quality and laboratory economy and reliability.
     Many routine user operations are simplified to reduce operator involvement and the risk of user errors. The Smart Start function automates the start of the most commonly used programs in the lab and helps avoid operator error.
     The enhanced Reagent Management System (RMS) ensures consistently high quality specimen processing and optimizes reagent use. The ASP 300 reagent compatibility safety check avoids cross-contamination of incompatible reagents. The RMS feature of the ASP 300 manages tissue processing by extending the lifetime of reagents and reducing laboratory operating costs while improving specimen quality.
Leica Microsystems
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