pn09.JPG (11886 bytes)This catalog features products for the clinical microbiology laboratory with a focus on the company’s line of in-vitro diagnostic reagents for the mycobacteriology, parasitology, and general microbiology laboratory. The catalog is a comprehensive source for AFB digesting and buffering systems, routine and specialty stains, general reagents and QC slides.
     New AFB products include NAC-PAC Red, a complete digestion and decontamination system with a pH indicator that allows the laboratory to visually monitor and adjust the pH to a neutral range immediately following the addition of the buffering reagents.
     The parasitology section includes fecal collection, transport and concentration systems, routine and specialty stains and reagents and QC products. The updated catalog provides in-depth information and photomicrographs on Proto-fix, a single vial, environmentally safe, mercury-free fecal fixative. Products for mycology and bacteriology are also included.
Keywords: catalog, microbiology