productThe recently released Harvest™ LIS version 5.5 adds advanced levels of process automation to address workflow and profitability issues facing laboratorians. The software offers flexible, lab-defined order-splitting rules to automatically segregate procedures requiring unique handling from a consolidated order. Users define rules based on the procedure types (microbiology, hematology, etc), sample types, storage temperatures, testing locations, or order locations of the procedures within the order. When a defined rule is triggered, Harvest LIS 5.5 splits the consolidated order into multiple, separate orders, maintaining original order entry data with each separate order.
     Additional features of LIS 5.5 include separate report headers and report bodies for greater flexibility in patient reports, additional rules that may be used to control routing of reports through printers and the number of copies, a count of the order choices that have been approved either manually or automatically within a selected date span, expanded capabilities for bar code readers, and additional security group settings for more specific control of access. In addition, the software upgrade is backward compatible to enable current customers to retain all historical patient and database records.
Orchard Software Corporation