productThe ACTICHROME® Heparin assay is for the quantitative determination of therapeutic heparin in human plasma by an amidolytic chromogenic assay for thrombin activity (flla). The availability of this assay will serve to support the needs of clinicians, medical laboratory scientists, and clinical researchers.
    In the test procedure, when both thrombin and anti-thrombin III are present in excess, the rate of thrombin inhibition is directly proportional to the concentration of heparin. The residual thrombin activity, measured by a thrombin specific chromogenic substrate, is inversely proportional to the concentration of heparin in the plasma test sample.
    The ACTICHROME Heparin assay features a convenient packaging design, sufficient reagents to perform 60 separate tests, extended shelf life claims, and reconstituted reagent stability of 2 weeks when stored at 2°–8° C. Applications currently exist for a broad range of fully automated coagulation instruments.
American Diagnostica Inc