Nova StatStrip Glucose and StatSensor Creatinine Meters

Whole blood meters

The Nova StatStrip™ Glucose and StatSensor™ Creatinine from Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, are handheld, whole blood meters for point-of-care testing. StatStrip Glucose test strips feature new Multi-Well™ measuring technology that creates a new class of analytical performance comparable to central laboratory testing. StatStrip Glucose measures and eliminates interferences from hematocrit, maltose, oxygen, acetaminophen, ascorbic acid, and uric acid. StatSensor Creatinine measures creatinine on whole blood in just 30 seconds, and calculates estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) by the MDRD or Cockcroft-Gault equations. StatSensor Creatinine’s small 1.2-microliter sample volume allows easy sample acquisition from a finger prick.

Nova Biomedical
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GeneXpert Infinity-48 System

Molecular diagnostic testing

The new GeneXpert Infinity-48® from Cepheid, Sunnyvale, Calif, is the newest addition to the GeneXpert family of molecular diagnostic testing systems. It delivers the world’s first and only fully automated random access system designed for management of the entire molecular testing workflow. After a sample is loaded into a cartridge, the system does the rest-sample in, answer out. The Infinity-48 manages the sample data, cartridge loading and unloading, and reporting of test results. The system uses robotic cartridge handling to run up to 1,300 different molecular tests during any 24-hour period, depending upon test selection.

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Secondary report interface module

Novovision Inc, Princeton NJ, introduces a secondary report interface module for its advanced NovoPath™ AP lab workflow management, specimen tracking, and reporting platform. The new module attaches supportive information from a wide range of popular lab solutions to patient files, and seamlessly integrates this into comprehensive reports. Examples include outside consults, image analysis, and FISH reports. The new module supports formats ranging from PDF and JPEG to DICOM. The reports can be printed and faxed as well as directly transmitted into an electronic medical record system to cater to every referring physician’s communications preference.

Novovision Inc
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Pipette Quality Management System

Vendor training and installation

The Pipette Quality Management System from Artel, Westbrook, Me, helps laboratories easily transition to a robust, in-house pipette calibration process for greater control over data quality. Currently, personnel shortages and a scarcity of resources have prompted the company to introduce the system. Artel will install and validate its own Pipette Calibration System (PCS) to seamlessly integrate it into existing laboratory operations, and also will train laboratory staff on using the PCS and its software to ensure optimal execution of liquid handling quality assurance programs. The service is especially useful for companies using the PCS to calibrate pipettes in multiple laboratories, as Artel will assist with standardizing the calibration processes to produce comparable data.

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NanoDrop 1000


Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham Mass, introduces the NanoDrop™ 1000, representing the growing trend of successful genome research tools finding their way to the clinical research setting. It is capable of carrying out full UV-Vis absorbance measurements with only 1 microliter of undiluted sample, enabling HLA laboratories to significantly speed up analysis time, allowing laboratories to analyze microsamples of DNA in only 10 seconds, reducing labor time and increasing productivity. Additionally, the NanoDrop’s novel microsample quantitation technology is critical for typing samples of limited cell mass, such as mononucleated bone marrow specimens.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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