photoRetic-Chex II is an improved reticulocyte control specifically designed for automated instruments. Its higher reticulocyte percentages for levels two and three allow lab personnel to test a higher reticulocyte range on a daily basis.
      Manufactured from human red blood cells, the control closely resembles patient samples. It is available in three levels with concentrations of reticulocytes at 1.5, 4.5 and 9.0 percent. As mandated by final CLIA regulations, laboratories performing automated reticulocyte counts are required to analyze two levels of control for every eight hours of operation. Retic-Chex II fulfills these requirements.
     It is assayed for the Abbott Cell-Dyn 3500/3700/4000; Becton Dickinson FACS Series; Beckman Coulter XL and STKS/MAXM automated systems. The product also can be used to control manual methods. Open-vial stability is 14 days and closed-vial stability is 75 days.
        To verify the accuracy and precision of manual reticulocyte counting, Retic-Chex control for manual procedures is available. The manual counting kit includes three levels of reticulocyte control, Retic-Chex Stain and several approved procedures for manual reticulocytes counting. Retic-Chex Control (1.0 ml fill) and Retic-Chex Stain (3.0 ml and 15 ml fills) are available in plastic squeeze dropper vials. The control and stain can be purchased separately or together.
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