pn01.JPG (18058 bytes)     Sed-Chek 2 is a bi-level whole blood control designed to monitor ESR procedures. Use of this sed-rate control will monitor operator technique as well as the environmental and physical factors that may adversely affect ESR results. It is a universal control assayed for both automated and manual ESR methods.
     Sed-Chek 2 controls have 18 month closed vial and 31-day open vial stability with room temperature storage. The control is used in the same manner as a patient sample with no voiding of diluent required.
     The control mimics the rouleaux formation of patient samples. Use of the Sed-Chek 2 control will monitor drifts or trends in patient results due to technique variability as well as environmental factors such as room temperature, tube position, and vibration. A quality control program is included.
Keywords: hematology, control