imageThe second-generation Sedimat 15 automated ESR analyzer provides an accurate ESR result in 15 minutes.
     Sedimat 15 can analyze one to eight specimens either simultaneously or randomly. It permits loading of new specimens and/or removal of completed specimens while simultaneously monitoring the ESR of specimens still in the test period for a throughput of 32 samples per hour. The reader accepts this company’s Sediplast Westergren ESR tubes. User options include printing results automatically at the end of the test or computer interfacing to transfer data. Sedimat 15 has a 0.95 correlation with manual method.
     It automatically checks for proper sample preparation, initiates a timer and emits an audible signal when the test is complete. The reader displays the ESR results on an LCD and files the readings into memory. A thermal printer is available for printing hard copy results. Sedimat can be interfaced with most lab computer systems.
     A special program offered by this company offers a Sedimat automated ESR reader to users who join its ESR family with the purchase of Sediplast Westergren tubes and Sed-Chek 2 ESR controls.
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