EZFlow 2010

Battery-operated syringe pump

KD Scientific, Holliston, Mass, offers the new EZFlow 2010, a battery-operated and AC-powered single syringe pump that can be used for infusions from 0.1 to 300 mL/hr with 2.5% accuracy. It features an LED display and works with a wide range of 20/30 mL, 50/60 mL, and 100-mL syringes. The unit automatically detects the syringe size and adjusts the selected flow rate automatically for size. It includes four audible alarms, occlusion detection, low battery, near end of dispense, and complete. The display can also be toggled to show the total volume delivered in mL. It meets the CE 0197 directive and is EC 93/42 EEC Annex II, Article 3.

KD Scientific
(508) 429-6809

Validation Toolkits

Validates Pipette Tracker Pro and Pipette Tracker Pro+

Labtronics Inc, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, releases new Validation Toolkits that reduce the time and resources required for validation of the latest version of Pipette Tracker Pro and Pipette Tracker Pro+. Included in each of the validation toolkits is an Excel spreadsheet template with a built-in macro that verifies file names, sizes, and version numbers required and installed by Pipette Tracker and compares all installed files, sizes, and version numbers to the expected files and recorded in the spreadsheet. Any files that do not match the expected size or version are highlighted. The results from the file-verification spreadsheet can be copied and pasted directly into the IQ test script file verification table, saving many hours of work. Each toolkit also includes detailed IQ and OQ documents that reduce the amount of IQ/OQ validation time.

Labtronics Inc
(519) 767-1061