DS2 ELISA Processing System

Computer-controlled microplate processing system

Inverness Medical, Princeton, NJ, a member of the Inverness Medical Innovations group, offers the DS2™ ELISA processing system manufactured by Dynex Technologies. The computer-controlled microplate processing system fully automates the sample-distribution, reagent-addition, incubation, washing, and detection steps of microplate ELISA assays. Designed with full walkaway capability, the system processes two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously, and features user-friendly control systems, chain of custody, and instrument diagnostics. It is useful for most ELISA applications, from clinical diagnostics such as autoimmune and infectious disease, to food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing. Combined with the company’s ELISA product line and the ability to automate enteric assays and front-end dilute Inverness AtheNA assays, the system provides an open, fully automated solution.

Inverness Medical
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