Automated Conveyor Track

Automatically loads and unloads tube specimens

COPAN, Murrieta, Calif, has partnered with INPECO for the connection of its widely used conveyor track system for continuous feeding of standardized tubes to COPAN’s WASP®. Valter Molinari, one of the original project managers for COPAN WASP, is leading the project to provide customized integrated INPECO specimen conveyor track systems to WASP users. INPECO looks forward to opening its track system to the microbiology lab to achieve full lab automation. The optimal solution for the lab is to load all of the tube specimens in the specimen reception or accessioning area, and then use the specimen’s bar code to determine in which instrument the tubes are carried. In the case of WASP, the INPECO track will automatically load and unload tube specimens.

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