A new D-10 dual program for comprehensive hemoglobin testing has been introduced by Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. The dual program runs on the company’s automated D-10 hemoglobin testing system and features HbA1c and HbA2/F/Alc assays for diabetes monitoring and beta-thalassemia screening.

The new program was designed to enable midsize laboratories to upgrade their hemoglobinopathy testing services and meet new CAP (College of American Pathologists) guidelines for quantitative HbA2 beta-thalassemia testing, says John Goetz, vice president of clinical diagnostics.

Bio-Rad’s D-10 system is a fully automated hemoglobin testing instrument that provides fast switching between programs without changing reagents or cartridges. The new dual assay program provides simultaneous quantitative results for HbA2, HbF, and HbA1c levels in whole blood samples in 6.5 minutes.

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