Fluorescent compensation settings are easily adjusted with PolyComp Beads, particularly in cases where fluorochrome conjugated antibody binding to cells is minimal or the cells of interest are rare. PolyComp Beads are used in conjunction with flow cytometry hardware or software to remove spectral populations of microbeads that have the ability to bind mouse monoclonal antibodies at high or low capacities. As the operator labels these standards with the same antibody used to label the cell samples, the standards exhibit spectral properties that closely match the cells being analyzed. These matching properties permit accurate adjustment of color compensation across the intensity range of the analysis.
     PolyPlex SP beads are innovative tools for multiple analyte detection research. The single population of beads, sized 4.4 or 5.5 microns, are internally dyed with Starfire Red™ fluorescent dye that emits in FL3 and is excitable at 488 nm. The beads have a uniform Goat anti-Mouse IgG (GAM), streptavidin or carboxyl (COOH) surface. The GAM surface allows easy attachment of mouse-derived antibodies; the COOH surface allows for the easy covalent attachment of analytes or analyte-specific antibodies and the streptavidin surface is used for biotinylated antibodies or other biotinylated molecules.

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