Kirk Ririe
      Kirk Ririe

BioFire Diagnostics Inc, Salt Lake City, has received FDA clearance for its updated FilmArray Respiratory Panel, which improves the detection of adenovirus.

Studies performed to support the clearance of the modified panel demonstrated a 73% increase in the detection of adenovirus and a three-fold improvement in the limit of detection when compared to the original panel.  

“With an improved adenovirus assay, hospitals will be better prepared to identify the underlying pathogens causing upper respiratory tract infections,” says Kirk Ririe, CEO, BioFire Diagnostics,

All existing assays for the 20 viral and bacterial targets in the original Respiratory Panel are unchanged.

The updated panel includes an additional assay designed to increase sensitivity and reactivity for the detection of adenovirus.

The company plans to make the updated panel available to its customers in April.    

[Source: BioFire Diagnostics]