Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd (DCL) has launched its new HDL/LDL-ADVANCE™ calibrator. This calibration material was designed to be used in conjunction with DCL’s ready-to-use, liquid-stable, direct enzymatic HDL-ADVANCE and LDL-ADVANCE assays. The use of direct enzymatic HDL and LDL methods eliminates the need for any result calculations, sample pretreatment, and reagent-reconstitution procedures, thereby reducing potential errors while saving time, labor, and expense for physician office, hospital, and reference laboratories.
     The HDL/LDL-ADVANCE calibrator is presented in a lyophilized format and is available in a compact packaging configuration of 4 x 2 mL. This calibration material also features a shelf-life stability claim of 12 months, and 7-day reconstituted stability when stored at 2°–8° C. The HDL/LDL-ADVANCE calibrator and associated reagents are suited for use with fully automated testing procedures and a number of instrument applications are currently available.

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