sl02.jpg (10263 bytes)The improved Cyto-Chex reagent is designed to preserve white blood cells in samples for up to seven days prior to immunophenotyping. Samples treated with Cyto-Chex show no changes in percent recovery or light scatter characteristics throughout a seven day storage period. Improved Cyto-Chex maintains higher antigen staining intensity on patient samples than the prior formulation.
     The reagent can be used for both batching samples to hold over the weekend or for transporting samples from the draw site to the destination where analysis will be performed.
     The use of Cyto-Chex in the laboratory can reduce labor time, eliminate weekend and/or late shift work and reduce the daily start-up costs of the flow cytometer.
     Cyto-Chex has a one-year closed-vial stability and a variety of packaging configurations are available.
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Keywords: flow cytometry