productThis liquid stable CO2 reagent is formatted using a patented platform process technology which uses an analog of NADH to produce greater stability and a wider pH tolerance than the traditional NAH-based chemistry.
     The use of this analog allows the preparation of a single, liquid CO2 reagent at a lower pH which reduces absorption of atmospheric CO2. The reagent also exhibits exceptional shelf-life, on-board stability and calibration stability.
     This CO2 reagent runs with minimal interference from hemoglobin, bilirubin and lipemia. It is stabile at 2 to 8ÞC until the date of expiration. An open vial has a stability of 30 days (remains linear to 50 mEq/L). Precision run to run is CV<2% at 14 mEq/L. Reportable range is from 3 to 50 mEq/L. Correlation to existing methods is r>0.98.
Keyword: co2, reagent