photoThe BD Directigen Flu A+B is a rapid assay for the direct and qualitative detection of influenza A and B viral antigens. This assay can distinguish influenza A viral antigens from those of influenza B. Respiratory specimens are applied to two wells of a ColorPAC test device, producing results in less than 15 minutes.
Some antiviral therapies effect only influenza A, while others treat both influenza A and B. An assay that distinguishes between the two viruses can help clarify effective treatment. In addition, antiviral agents must be given within the first 48 hours of illness to be effective.
     This enzyme immunoassay membrane test detects influenza A or B antigens from specimens of symptomatic patients. Suitable specimens include: nasopharyngeal wash, nasopharyngeal aspirate, nasopharyngeal swab, lower nasal swab, throat swab and bronchoalveolar lavage.
     Results are determined by visual color development in the ColorPAC wells. Development of a purple triangle on the membrane in either the A well or B well indicates a positive test for either influenza A or influenza B.
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