Revco PLUS HD Upright Freezers

Ultra-low temperature

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, Mass, introduces its Revco PLUS HD ultra-low-temperature upright freezer range. This new extension of the Revco® PLUS line features innovative thin-wall insulation (HD) technology, which maximizes interior storage capacity without increasing the footprint of the cabinet. The Revco PLUS HD freezer range is available in a 25- and 32-cubic-feet model and offers a capacity of 70,000 samples in the same footprint of a conventional 25-cubic-foot freezer. Furthermore, a patented refrigeration system and a robust electronics platform provide excellent energy efficiency, temperature stability, and fast recovery times across the entire range, ensuring the highest-possible sample integrity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(866) 984-3766

Pump 11 Plus Syringe Pump

Provides accurate delivery of fluids

Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, introduces the Pump 11 Plus Syringe Pump featuring a smoother flow and updated features to create a high-performance syringe pump. With this low-flow syringe pump, users can set a specific flow rate or target volume allowing accurate delivery of fluids. Choose from the standard infusion-only models or the advanced infusion/withdrawal models. Advanced models have dual RS-232 serial ports for computer control or daisy chaining multiple syringe pumps. The pump is ideal for cellular injections, FIA, or capillary LC applications.

Harvard Apparatus
(800) 272-2775

SWIR Optimized 50-mm Lens

Advanced imaging in the 0.7- to 1.7-micron spectral range

Sensors Unlimited Inc, part of Goodrich Corp, Princeton, NJ, introduces the SWIR Optimized 50-mm lens for advanced imaging in the 0.7- to 1.7-micron spectral range. The lens features a manual locking focus and advanced optics that deliver greater than 90% throughput from 0.9 to 1.7 microns. Its new 50-mm-focal-length lens has a fixed aperture at f/1.4 that provides sharp imagery, with low distortion. Designed for large focal-plane arrays (up to 640 x 512 with a 25-micron pixel pitch), the camera optics are best suited to low-light-level imaging tasks.

Sensors Unlimited
(609) 520-0610

Slide-Cassette Storage Unit

Stores cassettes and slide drawers separately

Surgipath, Redmond, Ill, introduces its new, modular Slide-Cassette Storage Unit engineered and designed specifically for short- and long-term storage of microscope slides and paraffin-embedded cassettes. The modular design allows for stacking cassette and slide drawers into a single unit or segregated such that cassette storage and slide storage are completely separate. A base with lockable casters provides mobility to the unit should it become necessary to move the unit in the laboratory or to a storage area. The unit features multidrawer cassette/slide storage, an optional caster base (four casters, front two are lockable), robust construction, metal finger pulls, label insets on drawers, special plastic on rail inserts, and a work/organizer tray. The unit can be used in any laboratory that stores microscope slides or histology case blocks.

Surgipath Medical Industries Inc
(800) 225-8867

Mini-EpiCAM System

Digital gel acquisition and analysis

The Mini-EpiCAM™ System, from Spectronics Corp, Westbury, NY, is a lightweight, portable digital gel acquisition and analysis darkroom cabinet setup that allows research technicians to illuminate samples from above and below. The unit features the DigiCAM system with additional dual UV/white light epi-illumination sources. The system consists of a compact CM-10MP fluorescence analysis cabinet and a camera adapter. For epi-illumination, users can add the MiniMAX™ UV-5A long-wave UV (365-nm) lamp, the UV-5F short-wave UV (254-nm) lamp, or the UV-5NF, which emits both long- and short-wave UV. The 12.1-megapixel digital color camera has an auto zoom and standard UV/IR filter, and the USB camera-to-PC connection eliminates the need for installation of a computer interface card for image manipulation.

Spectronics Corp
(516) 333-4840


Benchtop cooling/freezing

BioCision LLC, San Diego, introduces its new portable sample storage device for extended, safe benchtop cooling and freezing without the need for ice. The CoolBox System is ideal for all-day cooling or freezing and transporting samples without compromising temperature. The system works with rechargeable cooling or freezing gel modules, dry ice, ice, and liquid nitrogen, and can provide extended portable cooling or freezing, allowing for easy, compact benchtop cooling and freezing for up to 10 hours with one gel module and unlimited cooling by module switching. It also provides portable snap-freezing at the bench without alcohol slurry and enables portable freezing at either -78°C or -25°C for up to 5 hours using only 200 cc of dry ice.

BioCision LLC
(888) 478-2221

Traceable One-Shot

Conductivity standards

The Traceable® One-Shot™ single use conductivity standards from Control Co, Friendswood, Tex, can calibrate all conductivity meters and probes for accuracy. Calibration is made in the standards’ vial, and the container fits all probes. An extralarge opening (1¾ inches diameter) and extralarge, 3½ inches depth allow probe calibration to take place in the standards’ polyethylene container. Accuracy at 25°C is ±0.25 microsiemens/micromhos for 5, 10 microsiemen/micromho standards or ±0.25% for other standards, or the uncertainty shown on the certificate, whichever is greater. Each container is labeled for calibrating conductivity (microsiemens/micromhos), resistivity (ohms), and dissolved solids (parts per million). Each container is supplied with step-by-step calibration instructions, an individual temperature compensation chart, traceability information, and a Traceable Certificate. Each One-Shot contains 100 milliliters and is supplied in a pack of six.

Control Co
(281) 482-1714

Hand and Stand Magnifiers

With LED technology

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, introduces a new line of Hand and Stand magnifiers, with powers from 3X to 14X. The magnifiers use LED technology, which eliminate the need to replace bulbs. The LED produces a bright light, which enhances the aspheric, antireflective coated lenses to produce crystal-clear images, and can allow batteries to last up to 50% longer than conventional lighted magnifiers. All magnifiers come with a drawstring case.

Vision USA
(800) 257-5782