Notebook 6.2

Enterprise Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Symyx Technologies Inc, Sunnyvale, Calif, releases Symyx Notebook 6.2, an enterprise ELN designed to supplement existing functionality for analytical chemistry research and biology with new capabilities supporting synthetic and medicinal chemistry investigations by adding Symyx chemical representation, chemical reaction, and compound registration capabilities. The Symyx chemistry engine powers the ISIS scientific information platform that underlies many chemistry-registration, inventory, and other systems used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In addition, the ELN adds essential chemistry information enabling scientists to access current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity, and toxicology information in the context of laboratory workflows.

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Microscopy image acquisition and analysis

MetaMorph® software from Olympus America Inc, Center Valley, Pa, offers image-capture, viewing, and analysis capabilities for research microscopy. The software is compatible with a wide variety of the most widely used CCD cameras and accessories, offers multiple configurations, and boasts streamlined functionality for image capture and viewing with both fixed and live cell applications. Acquisition integrates the microscope, software, and various hardware devices into a single, easily customizable interface. Image-analysis capabilities range from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, FRET, 3D measurements, and more. Additional wizard-like modules handle advanced tasks like counting nuclei or assessing cell-cycle phases.

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