Revco Plus

Upright freezer chills to -86°C

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Milford, Mass, has introduced its new Revco Plus -86°C upright freezers. The new upright freezers provide maximum heat-removal capacity to ensure rapid temperature recovery after door openings. The freezers use minimal power while properly maintaining cabinet temperature, which reduces heat emissions in the lab environment. The three models—Revco Value Plus, Revco Elite Plus, and Revco Ultima Plus—also provide varying levels of monitoring, reporting, and alarms. Programmable microprocessor controls provide real-time visibility and precise set points for temperature, power, and other critical parameters, further ensuring the security of samples. Noise-abatement technology and insulation allow the freezers to be kept in the lab.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
(800) 547-7429

Stablo Ex Two-Way Ionizer

Eliminates static problems

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc, Columbia, Md, has introduced the Stablo EX two-way ionizer. Stablo EX generates a balanced mix of positively and negatively charged ions that eliminate static on lab samples, allowing them to be weighed accurately with high repeatability. The unit uses AC voltage to power its corona, delivering a stream of positive and negative ions in rapid alternation from its discharge needle. This way, the unit will not create an inverse charge—the mirror problem to static—yielding an electrically neutral outcome. An integrated blower fully disperses the ions over a wide area, and can be turned off for use with powders. Compact and weighing just 110 grams, the device can be handheld for use in any location or enclosure, or it can be attached to its adjustable mounting stand for hands-free operation with any electronic balance.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc
(800) 477-1227

Air Check O2 Deficiency Monitor

Long-lasting zirconium-type sensor responds in 5 seconds

PureAire Monitoring Systems has created a low-maintenance oxygen deficiency monitor designed for quickly detecting oxygen displacement in inert gas storage areas, cryogenic freezers, refrigeration rooms, and other locations. The Air Check ­ O2 Deficiency Monitor, which is suitable for in-door or outdoor use, displays oxygen concentrations on a local digital display and outputs a corresponding analog signal. The unit has a user-settable deficiency alarm and dual alarm relays. The heart of the monitor is a long-lasting zirconium-type sensor, which responds to low oxygen conditions within 5 seconds, providing accurate measurements even under wide fluctuations in temperature, pressure, and humidity. The sensor has a 5-year operational life and requires no maintenance. Its operating temperature range is -22° to 122°F, and humidity range is 0 to 99% RH. The sensor can be linked to any system control and data acquisition system or programmable logic controller.

PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc
(847) 726-6000

Cut-Mate Tissue Slicing System

Reliable grossing of specimens

Milestone Medical, Shelton, Conn, has developed the Cut-Mate Tissue Slicing System, which enables laboratories to slice tissue samples into 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm widths for easy insertion into all plastic universal cassettes. Specially designed forceps eliminate the guesswork in cutting the specific thickness of wet tissue and are suitable for tissue preparation for both microwave and conventional processors. Milestone has a complete family of systems and cost-efficient histoprocessing instruments to suit individual laboratories’ needs.

Milestone Medical
(866) 995-5300

HighSpin Centrifuge

High volume and quiet

The HighSpin and HighSpin-R centrifuge packages are now available from Helmer, Noblesville, Ind. Developed for high-volume sample processing, these packages can spin 78 Vacutainer tubes (42 each 13×75/100mm and 36 each 16×75/100mm) at once. Both centrifuge packages have a maximum RPM/RCF of 4,500/4,030 and include a four-place swing-out rotor, buckets, lids with aerosol containment, and inserts. The HighSpin package features the new Hettich Rotina 420 benchtop centrifuge, while the HighSpin-R package includes the Rotina 420R refrigerated centrifuge. The centrifuges provide high performance, high capacity, and high volume in a compact benchtop unit. They offer quiet operation, programmable run times, programmable RPM/RCF, easy-to-use touchpad panel with control knob, a metal housing, and a stainless steel chamber. Safety features include automatic rotor recognition, imbalance switch-off, lid lock, and overheat protection. A wide selection of additional rotors and accessories for nearly any application is available separately.

Helmer Inc
(317) 773-9073

Traceable Nano Timer

Two-channel memory, accurate to 0.01%

Control Company, Friendswood, Tex, has produced the Traceable Nano Timer, which can display countdown alarm timer, stopwatch time, and time of day with the press of a button. The unit is accurate to 0.01%, has a high-decibel alarm that sounds for 1 minute, and can count up or down for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds on two timing channels. For repetitive tests, its two-channel memory automatically returns the display to the original programmed time. Its traceability to standards is provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The unit, which is supplied with a 2-year silver-oxide battery, clip, stand, and magnet on back, weighs 2.5 ounces.

Control Company
(281) 482-1714

Micro-Cal Model 869

For critical air-handling processes

Designed for air-handling processes that require low-pressure documenting calibration, Setra Systems, Boxborough, Mass, has introduced the Micro-Cal Model 869, an ultralow-pressure documenting calibrator. The new calibrator has been specifically designed for air handling processes in critical environments that require portable, high-accuracy, low-pressure documenting calibration to certify pressure needs. This model provides the capability by performing calibration checks on sensors with accuracies as high as .00025 inches water column (WC). The battery-powered unit provides a minimum of 8 hours of operation, while giving a pressure reading accuracy close to .0001 inches WC, with repeatable pressure generation better than .0003 inches WC. It has recorded calibration times as fast as 5 minutes per unit, so users will enjoy time-saving benefits. Setra will also introduce the Model 269, Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer, designed specifically for pharmaceutical environments, with a standard accuracy of ±0.15% FS for better resolution in critical environments. It is calibration secure, requiring a calibration key for making zero and span adjustments. An electropneumatic interface enables multifeatured automatic calibration with the Model 869.

Setra Systems Inc
(800) 257-3872