sl01.jpg (12401 bytes)The Fluorescent Mouse-on-Mouse Immunodetection Kit is designed for fluorescence detection of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue without interfering background staining in a variety of tissues.
     A commonly reported problem associated with the use of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissues is high background staining, due to the inability of the secondary antibody to distinguish between the mouse primary antibody and endogenous mouse immunoglobulins in the tissue. This kit uses a blocking agent and a special detection methodology to eliminate background due to endogenous mouse immunoglobulins.
     The procedure for the kit does not require complex calculations or titration. It contains the necessary blocking reagents, a special biotinylated anti-mouse secondary antibody and sufficient Fluorescent Avidin DCS to stain about 250 mouse tissue sections.
     The kit also can be used in fluorescent double layering by substituting Texas Red Avidin DCS for the Fluorescein Avidin DCS in the second round of staining. This kit is offered in addition to the recently introduced peroxidase-based Mouse-on-Mouse system from this company. Vector Laboratories