Fluoresentric Inc, introduces its Direct-2-PCR™ sample kits for nasal, throat, and cheek swab diagnostic health tests. This sample preparation method requires less than one minute of hands-on time compared to current technology that requires 10-15 minutes per sample.

Direct-2-PCR kit can be readily integrated with automated sample preparation instruments, which can reduce sample preparation time by 50% or more. The novel preparation kit reduces pipetting steps per sample and lowers plastic consumable costs by 25% to 50%. This new sample preparation technology is suitable for the hundreds of thousands of genetic screening and diagnostic tests per year in the US alone.

Unlike existing sample preparation techniques, which deliver either DNA or RNA for genetic testing, the Fluoresentric Direct-2-PCR kit produces PCR-ready DNA and RNA simultaneously. The resulting sample is ready for any type of genetic test ordered for that sample: viral or host genotyping, pathogen detection, as well as quantitative testing applications. Direct-2-PCR prepared samples are compatible with one-step rt-PCR, two-step rt-PCR, and DNA conventional and real-time PCR amplification chemistries and instruments.

Source: Fluoresentric Inc