pn01.JPG (16968 bytes)This company offers a catalog of products for gene expression studies. The catalog features tissues and tissue microarrays, GeneXPro Contract services, proprietary immunodetection systems and a broad selection of antibodies and probes. Tissue microarray is a collection of histologically characterized multiple tissues from himan and animal samples on a charged slide. A variety of kits are offered for the detection of antibodies and probes in cells and tissues. Complete kits are available with all required reagents for in situ hibridization (ISH) and for immunohistochemistry (IHC) on rodent or non-rodent tissues.
     Ancillary reagents and detection system components are also available separately, including anti-probe antibodies, biotinylated secondary antibodies, streptavidin-enzyme conjugates, chromogens/substrates, proteases, blocking and dewaxing reagents, counterstains, mounting media and buffers.
Keywords: molecular diagnostics