An effective proteome analysis will require the separation of abundant proteins and the enrichment of less-abundant proteins to bring the less-abundant proteins into the dynamic range of detection. Using prefractionation, a protein mixture is simplified by reducing the amount and the number of protein species to be loaded into the gel matrix. Fractionation allows the separation of highly expressed proteins from low-abundance proteins, and brings the low-abundance proteins into the dynamic range of detection. Fractionation produces less crowded individual protein maps, simplifying their analysis and interpretation. Genotech has designed a simple, rapid, and highly reproducible method for the extraction of various classes of cellular proteins. The kit allows the extraction of soluble and insoluble proteins. The insoluble protein fraction is further fractioned into various classes of membrane proteins, such as mildly hydrophobic membrane proteins; highly hydrophobic trans-membrane proteins; and membrane proteins rich in cholesterol, glycolipids, and glycosyl-phosphitidylinositol. After extraction, the protein fractions are suitable for downstream applications.

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