Combining a unique and patented dry-fog diffusion technology with ultrahigh-performance hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant, the innovative STERINIS® process meets all the requirements of the biocide directive CE 98/8. It guarantees the extensive eradication of pathogenic microorganisms by disinfecting all surfaces, even those that are inaccessible or hidden. It thus makes it possible to guard against contaminations and infections, especially nosocomial infections. It unites effectiveness with safety and a considerable reduction in disinfection costs. In the past year, the system’s developer, Gloster Santé Europe, doubled its international distribution network. STERINIS integrates a one-of-its-kind traceability system, which enables all disinfecting operations to be recorded with a data log available via the USB port. Its automatic monitoring and simple operating systems make it perfectly adapted for use by nonspecialized personnel. This disinfection technology requires no human presence and shortens the amount of downtime for rooms undergoing treatment. Almost instantly, this process has made its mark as a useful tool in global hygiene protocols. The Canon® Group (Canon Brittany), which has an industrial partnership agreement with Gloster Santé Europe, has manufactured STERINIS since November 2004. The experience and worldwide organization of the Canon Group guarantee the product a very high level of quality and logistics optimization. Currently distributed in 17 countries with 14 more awaiting approval, it is used by renowned hospitals, clinics, and laboratories across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East for prevention and treatment purposes. This success follows its international scientific recognition, coherent marketing policy, and perfect cooperation between Gloster Santé Europe and its distributors. A very large number of decision-makers in the fields of hospital care, pharmaceuticals, and food service have become convinced about the STERINIS disinfection process. Tests have been carried out under both laboratory conditions and actual hospital-usage conditions (such as operating theatre suites, recovery rooms, infectious diseases rooms, and dental-surgery rooms) in France and abroad (such as Norway, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Taiwan, and Turkey). STERINIS complies with the NF harmonized standards as well as the CE directives. Moreover, Gloster Santé Europe has ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certification awarded by SGS Yarsley, a UKAS-accredited body. STERINIS is neither corrosive nor toxic, and it is 99.99% biodegradable.