New platelet storage systems in the i.Series™ line feature the i.Center™ Integrated Monitoring System with LCD viewscreen. The i.Center is separate from the temperature controller. The password-protected system includes programming for all alarm parameters and features automatic high/low alarm testing and event log data recording.
     The i.Center includes the new Agi-Trak system, which monitors the agitator(s) placed in an incubator. The i.Center viewscreen displays the Agi-Trak RPM validation screen, agitator count log, alarm logs, and an agitator cycle counter.
     Platelet storage systems range in size from compact countertop units to floor models. Capacity ranges from 15 random bags to 396 random bags. The systems are suitable for both random and apheresis units. Designated drawers and drawer label holders are available for inventory management.
     Platelet incubators have bacteria-resistant, powder-coated steel interiors, exteriors, and door handles. All units include lockable, tempered glass doors. Floor models are equipped with lockable, rolling casters. The Auto-Stop feature automatically stops agitator motion when the incubator doors are opened. Agitator motion starts again when the doors are closed. Texture-coated drawers hold bags in place during agitation and feature a one-piece perforated design for maximum air circulation. Drawers are removable for storage of any size platelet product.

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