The line of Aspergillus diagnostic tests from Gold Standard Diagnostics, Davis, Calif, enables clinical laboratories to prepare for Aspergillus tests, which are expected to rise significantly in the wake of 17,676 recalled vials of potentially fungus-tainted steroids.

Steroids tainted with Aspergillus appear to be the cause of the fungal meningitis outbreak that has claimed eight lives and sickened 105, according to the Associated Press. The contaminated steroids were injected as part of back pain management treatment at 75 different clinics. The company responsible for affected medications, NECC, has recalled all of its products, including 17,676 doses of the steroid that is the likely source of the meningitis outbreak.

GSD’s complete solution for detection of Aspergillus IgG, IgM, and IgA antibodies enables accurate detection of the fungus related to the current proliferation of fungal meningitis. The number of confirmed cases now exceeds 100 across 23 states, and many more cases are possible as symptoms may take up to a month to emerge.

[Source: Gold Standard Diagnostics]