Fiber-Lite DC950H Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator

RoHS compliant

The Fiber-Lite DC950H Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator—a 150-W quartz halogen regulated illuminator from Dolan-Jenner Industries, Boxborough, Mass—has been improved to produce a higher output with greater reliability, and it is now RoHS compliant. It features DC regulated output, fast lamp response, and a 0–5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjustment. (An eight-bit D/A module is available.) The DC950H can be operated remotely, offers remote notification of lamp failure to decrease downtime, and is made from stackable heavy-duty steel housing with a mounting capability. The front panel can be accessed for fast lamp changes. Several illuminating options are available, including color filtering, manual iris (for intensity adjustment at a constant color temperature), and an analog or digital remote interface. The nosepiece is compatible with all standard Dolan-Jenner fiber optic configurations.

Dolan-Jenner Industries
(800) 626-8324

Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation

Provides reproducible temperature control

The BLM-TC planar lipid bilayer thermocycler workstation, offered by Warner Instruments, Hamden, Conn, features a Peltier-driven platform that provides reproducible temperature control. The equipment aids in measuring single-channel events at temperatures from 5°C to 50°C. The device heats and cools at an average rate of 3°C per minute and can maintain a temperature to within 0.2°C of the set temperature.

Warner Instruments
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Temperature Calibration

Fixed-point and comparison

Troemner, Thorofare, NJ, has added temperature calibration to its list of ISO/IEC 17025-compliant and NVLAP (Lab Code 105013-0)-accredited services. The temperature-calibration services from -196ºC to 1,100ºC for SPRTs, RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples, digital readouts, and liquid-in-glass thermometers. NVLAP accredited from -196ºC to 660ºC and ISO/IEC 17025 compliant calibration up to 1,100ºC. Fixed-point and comparison calibration methods are available. The company offers an array of standard calibration services and provides custom services. Its offerings include the NVLAP calibration certificate for comparison temperature calibrations and NIST traceable certificate for fixed-point temperature calibrations. The labs rely on advanced equipment and training to provide low-measurement uncertainties, and meet strict ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines. Environmental conditions are monitored and controlled, and the metrology staff has received training in temperature calibrations at NIST.

(800) 352-7775

Meander Fusion Chamber

A novel microslide design

The Meander Fusion Chamber from BTX, Holliston, Mass, generates a divergent field and is used for electro cell fusion of mammalian cells, plant, yeast, fungi, and microorganisms. This specialty electrode is constructed from a conductive metal alloy and is designed for viewing of dimer formation during alignment while under a microscope. The electrode is mounted on a glass slide, and the projections are spaced 0.2 mm apart.

(800) 272-2775

Macro Volume Pipettor

Compatible with most liquids

Biohit Inc, Neptune, NJ, has expanded its mLine family of pipettors with the addition of the 1- to 10-mL volume range. The new Macro Volume Pipettor along with the new 10-mL tip handles large volumes of liquid safely. The 10-mL pipettor features chemical resistance and is compatible with most liquids, including chloroform. Biohit Safe Cone filters installed into the tip cone can minimize the risk of infection. The mLine 1- to 10-mL Pipettor is fully autoclavable and is adjustable in 20-µL increments. It operates with a light touch for both pipetting and tip ejection.

Biohit Inc
(800) 922-0784

PDQ Platelet Function Centrifuge

Reduces platelet-sample process time

The new PDQ platelet function centrifuge from Bio/ Data Corp, Horsham, Pa, reduces platelet sample process time to 5 minutes; and makes platelet-rich plasma available in 30 seconds, platelet-poor plasma available in 2 minutes, and platelet-free plasma available in 3 minutes. Optimized for consistent sample quality, the three process cycles offer greater control and sample precision without any measurable platelet activation. The PDQ accepts evacuated specimen collection and aliquot tubes, and may be used as a companion to any light-transmission aggregometer engaged in platelet-function testing. The four-position, personal-size (7 inches in diameter) centrifuge is quiet and vibration free. Each PDQ is shipped as a complete system consisting of a start-up supply kit, a methods manual, an operation manual, a sample tube rack, and a validation certificate. A 2-year replacement warranty is available.

Bio/Data Corp
(800) 257-3282


Ventilated and refrigerated

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces the Sorvall T1, T3, and G3 Centrifuge Series, available in both ventilated and refrigerated versions and consisting of six models with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 3 L. The ventilated T1 and refrigerated RT1 centrifuges offer 1.2 L of capacity, support up to 60 x 5/7 mL blood tubes or 16 x 50 mL conical tubes per run, and (with the 48 x 2 mL carbon fiber rotor) can spin microtubes at more than 23,000 x g. The ventilated T3 and refrigerated RT3 3-L benchtop centrifuges can process 108 x standard 5- and 7-mL vacutainers, 28 x conical tubes, or 16 x microplates. The ventilated G3 and refrigerated RG3 floor-standing centrifuges offer the same speed and capacity as the T3 and RT3.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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