photoComplete connectivity between the point of care and the laboratory is now available to operators of the One Touch II Data Dock Hospital System or the original One Touch II Hospital System with the DataLink Data Management System upgrade. For those hospitals with the original One Touch II Hospital System that haven’t already added the One Touch II Data Dock Module, it can easily be added with DataLink as part of a complete connectivity/data management installation. The DataLink System features three components to facilitate the transfer and management of data from the point of care to the lab. They are: DataLink Connect, DataLink Control and DataLink Interface. DataLink Connect enables institutions to transfer data between bedside and the point-of-care coordinator’s DataLink Workstation via single- or multiple-receiving modems or through a hospital’s Ethernet connection. DataLink Control enables the POC coordinator to monitor, track and manage all patient and QC test results from the DataLink Workstation or a database application. DataLink Interface enables POC patient data to be quickly transmitted to the LIS via scripted interface or HL-7 compatible EDIs. Lifescan EDIs are compatible with LIS’ from Sunquest, Cerner and Meditech.
keyword: glucose, software