photoThe Axiovert 200 series of inverted research microscopes has been introduced along with Cell Observer software for observation and documentation of living cells.
     The microscope’s controls are arranged directly around the focusing drive. A continuously variable ergo tube can be adjusted according to an individual’s height. A variety of small details have been added. For example, the Light Manager automatically adjusts light intensity depending on the magnification. The Focus Stop prevents the objective from hitting the stage. The Senarmount DIC slider can be operated from both sides. The Aqua Stop feature uses silicon rings to protect the objective, nosepiece and fluorescence filters from contact with liquids. The LCD display provides at-a-glance information about the objective in use, lamp voltage, etc. In addition, the stand readily adapts to a range of applications.
     Improvements to the optics include the patented Light Trap’s enhanced signal-to-noise ratio and full Koehler illumination which contributes to image quality. Interchangeable diaphragms facilitate applications like FRAP, TIRF and AntiFlex (FIM). Recently added Long Working Distance Condensers cover major contrasting techniques and can be used in a variety of applications, including DIC, Phase and Varel contrast. Working distances of up to 70mm improve the view and the specimen accessibility when manipulation equipment is being used.
     With the software, observation, manipulation and simultaneous documentation of processes in living specimens are possible. The systems integrates the Axiovert 200 research microscope, environmental control, the AxioCam digital camera and the AxioVision software. The Cell Observer allows Time-Lapse, Multichannel, Z-Stack and Mark & Find imaging functions. Distance measurements, angle calculations, and statistics are also possible for 6D imaging.
Carl Zeiss
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