product This company’s VisionSaver Lab Lamps are formulated to bring the visual acuity of natural daylight to work areas. Virtually glare-free, they reduce eyestrain and glare for the laboratory professional. VisionSavers come with and without magnification and are designed to create the optimal environment for increased productivity at vision sensitive work.
     These low-heat, high-contrast, lights enable users to see details and colors with startling clarity and accuracy, while eliminating much of the ambient glare and computer screen reflective glare. They’re ideal for preparing titrations, slides and samples, as well as for sample evaluation and reporting.
     The portable model has a magnifier. Its small footprint and swivel base allow it to fit easily into limited space. The 13-watt bulb is rated to last 10,000 hours and will replace up to a 75-watt incandescent bulb for energy savings.
Ott-Lite Technology
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