photoThe RIM Color Mono is a rapid color-enhanced slide agglutination test for the detection of heterophile antibodies associated with infectious mononucleosis.
     The kit includes color-enhanced reagent, positive control serum, negative control serum, disposable test cards and pipettes/stirrers for mixing and sampling. To perform the test, patient serum or plasma is pipetted onto the slide test area. Reagent is added, mixed and rocked for one minute.
      Added coloration of the horse cell suspension facilitates the recognition of positive and negative reactions. The appearance of dark, lacy agglutinates against a green background indicates the presence of infectious mononucleosis antibodies. If no heterophile antibodies are present, the horse cells remain unagglutinated against a greenish-brown background.
      A positive test sample can be tested by the titration test procedure using this kit’s reagents to determine the titer of infectious mononucleosis heterophile antibodies present in the patient specimen.
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