Microscope Basics and Beyond, a primer in microscopy written by Mortimer Abramowitz, has been updated and published in a new edition now available to the public. The book, first published in 1985 and used as a textbook and reference in colleges, medical schools, and laboratories around the world, includes new sections reflecting changing technologies and applications for microscopes in practical use today. In addition, it has been enhanced with color images and illustrations, along with highlighted text and a number of new appendices.
     Abramowitz, who earned the prestigious 2002 Ernst Abbe Award for his lifelong contributions to microscopy, is a fellow of the New York Microscopical Society. In 1996, he was honored by the Illinois State Microscopical Society for his contributions to microscopy. He has taught at the McCrone Research Institute, the New York Microscopical Society, and at numerous medical schools and industrial laboratories across the country.
     Since 1982, when he retired from a career in science education and administration, Abramowitz has worked exclusively with Olympus America Inc. During this time, he has authored six books and many articles on microscopy.

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