Touchstone Silver Hand Sanitizing Spray and Agion SilverClene24

Human-safe germ killers

AliMed® Inc, Dedham, Mass, offers Touchstone Silver™ hand sanitizing spray and Agion® SilverClene24™, which feature new technologies with extended sanitizing power. Touchstone Silver includes a silver-ion agent that is human-friendly but deadly on more than 240 pathogens. Its persistence (effective killing power) lasts up to 150 minutes. SilverClene is a human-safe surface sanitizer. When sprayed onto hard or soft surfaces, it retains its kill rate on more than 240 pathogens for up to 24 hours, making it useful for doors, tables, vinyl cushions, and transport vehicle interiors.

AliMed Inc
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Sensorturn and Sensorturn pro Turntables

For inoculation of petri dishes
WLD-TEC, Göttingen, Germany, introduces the new Sensorturn and Sensorturn pro, turntables designed for inoculation of petri dishes up to 150 mm in diameter. They use touch-free IR-sensor technology, which helps provide simple operation with the movements of the hand—or the units can be operated with an optional foot pedal. They offer flexible start-stop functions or a second-timer control with variable rotational periods from 1 to 25 seconds. For longer applications, the time can be extended to 125 seconds. Sensorturn features a continuously variable rotational speed control with a range of 14 to 110 rpm. Sensorturn pro’s range is 14 to 210 rpm. The control helps provide uniform plating of the petri dishes up to a diameter of 100 mm (optional: up to 150 mm). The device’s stainless steel construction and its flame-sterilizability help ensure sterility.

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Autoimmune Vasculitis Assay

For detection of IgG antibodies
Inverness Medical Clinical Products Group, Princeton, NJ, expands its FDA-cleared, multiplex test menu with the addition of a new autoimmune vasculitis assay. The product is for use on the AtheNA Multi-Lyte® test system and on the newly introduced AIMS™ system, which is a fully automated platform. The assay is intended for the qualitative and semiquantitative detection of IgG antibodies to three separate antigens: MPO, PR3, and GBM in human serum. The antigens assist in the diagnosis of autoimmune vasculitis disease, which occurs when the body attacks its own blood vessels. AtheNA is a multiplexed, fluorescent, bead-based system that uses patented Luminex® xMAP® technology. It is designed to simultaneously perform multiple assays from a single sample in one well, and offers a streamlined alternative to IFA and ELISA testing. Intra-Well Calibration Technology™ provides sample-specific calibration, eliminating drift while ensuring accuracy.

Inverness Medical Clinical Products Group
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