SecureCare Technologies Inc, Austin, Tex, a health care information technology company, plans to integrate Sfax™, its EFR™ (electronic fax record), into the electronic prescription process from NewCrop LLC, Houston, expanding the company’s reach into the growing e-prescribing marketplace.  
The integration will help streamline the prescription process between physicians and pharmacies by allowing incoming faxes to be fully incorporated into NewCrop’s electronic system.

E-prescribing might be able to save the health care industry more than $26 billion in expenditures in the next 10 years and reduce drug-induced injuries and deaths due to illegible handwritten notes, yet only an estimated 6% percent of physicians are e-prescribing, according to a report by SureScripts. 

Certain inefficiencies associated with the process, such as the inability to receive inbound faxes electronically into the e-prescribe system from pharmacies, have deterred providers from adopting related products. The integration of the two systems helps fill a gap by allowing incoming faxes to be directly received in the e-prescribing system, and it helps simplify the refill process by reducing the amount of time staffers spend handling refill requests and connecting them to the proper patient prescription.
“Users realize that faxing is a central component of the e-prescribe process,” said Dennis Nasto, CEO of SecureCare. “The addition of Sfax serves as a missing link by making it a fully electronic and efficient process for both pharmacies and physicians’ offices.”
NewCrop LLC, Houston, provides integrated and complete electronic-prescribing components designed for partnering with other medical office applications, such as a re-branded doctor-to-pharmacy solution.   

SecureCare’s Internet-based Sfax, with digital signature and annotation features, is fully dedicated to the health care industry.