PN304.jpg (14276 bytes)The Model 57 Modular Gas Panels are designed to make it easier to control specialty gases at point-of-use when the gas source is in a remote location. Snap-in panels control gas pressure, purity, filtration, and distribution from a single location. Any combination of pressure regulators, purifiers, moisture traps, and outlet valves can be configured to meet laboratory requirements.
    The panels can be wall-mounted, bench-mounted, or suspended from a ceiling. Individual panels snap into a prefabricated, expandable metal frame and are easily connected to the primary gas supply with flexible, stainless-steel tubing.
    Pressure control panels, which feature a high-purity regulator with gauge, will support two outlets with individual shutoff valves. Purification panels provide protection against contaminants in the gas supply. Moisture and hydrocarbon traps are available. Delivery panels, feature up to five outlets with shutoff valves. All panels are tested and cleaned before shipping to assure purity for all types of specialty gas applications. Each gas is labeled with an appropriate NFPA hazard label, CAS registry number, and UN and DOT classifications.
Scott Specialty Gases