Plymouth, Minn — With more than 100,000 Biological Safety Cabinets located throughout the world, NuAire has announced the availability of CellGard Energy Saver (ES) models NU-475 and NU-477 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets (pictured left to right, respectively). Each cabinet is modeled after NuAire’s highly recognized LabGard series of Biosafety Cabinets, but features a 10-degree sloped sash like the CellGard ES NU-480.

The CellGard ES family of biosafety cabinets can help reduce noise, vibration, and operating costs by decreasing energy consumption and extending HEPA filter life with less heat production.

Clinical laboratories and life science facilities alike will appreciate simple rocker-switch and touch-membrane control panels, as well as NuAire’s ability to custom design safety cabinets to their facilities exact requirements. The CellGard ES NU-475 and NU-477 include NuAire’s exclusive Hepex Zero-Leak airflow system, which improves lab safety by surrounding the cabinet’s plenum with negative air pressure.

NuAire offers a 5-year warranty (United States and Canada only) that also covers HEPA filters.