Global Med Technologies Inc, El Dorado Hills, Calif, an international e-Health, medical information technology company, reports that its PeopleMed Inc subsidiary will now be offering complete validation and consulting services, primarily in the donor center and hospital laboratory markets, to help facilities transition during software-system implementation.

New information technology in the healthcare sphere has spurred a growing need for validation and software consulting services. The company had been referring customers to various third-party providers for the services.

The company’s Wyndgate Technologies division manufactures medical-device software for use in blood donor centers and hospital transfusion services.

The FDA and other regulatory agencies require that, as medical devices, Wyndgate’s products must be validated before being used to manage the blood supply. Blood center and transfusion staffs are shorthanded and struggle to meet daily workload, and adding validation requirements put an added strain on short-staffed facilities.

The demand prompted the company to realign its PeopleMed subsidiary’s business operation to meet the increasing needs of customers for validation services. 

Wyndgate’s blood donor center and hospital transfusion service clients increasingly need expert assistance with standard operating procedures, independent software validation, upload of data converted from legacy systems, and other consulting services. PeopleMed’s service offerings are not limited to Wyndgate’s products, nor are they restricted to the template, off-the-shelf services common among third-party providers today—the company offers a menu of choices combined with consulting services to help ease the transition of system implementation.

Wyndgate’s products and services manage more than eight million blood components, representing more than 27% of the US blood supply annually.