productThe newly updated, modular Olympus OLA2500™ laboratory automation solution is designed for use within medium- to high-volume clinical laboratories and sample processing departments. It features advanced aliquoting, along with pre- and postanalytical sample-processing capabilities. As a front-end sample processor, the system automatically decaps, aliquots, and sorts tubes to any analyzer sample rack. This saves time and labor, and eliminates sample-handling errors. The Olympus OLA2500 laboratory automation system also uses an onboard digital imaging system to check sample volume as well as identify tube size, cap type, and color.

    As a modular system, the Olympus OLA2500 can be configured for expanded capability to keep pace with individual lab needs and growth. In a standard configuration, the system typically processes as many as 650 tubes per hour, making it ideal for peak workload periods in medium- and high-volume labs. The system handles a wide variety of tube sizes, along with screw caps, rubber stoppers, and aluminum seals.

    The system operates with Windows® 2000, a Pentium® processor, a graphic user interface, and image recognition software. It also comes with a high-reliability touch screen and membrane switches for easy use.