Reichert Inc Analytical Instruments offers literature detailing the company’s full line of diagnostic instruments for applications in clinical, veterinary, industrial, and classroom laboratories. The literature includes key features of the instruments and ordering information. For example, there is information on Reichert’s UNISTAT® Bilirubinometer, a stat photometric analyzer for determining total bilirubin concentrations in newborn infants. Also profiled is the company’s Darkfield Quebec® colony counter, which provides a choice of models to accurately count bacteria colonies.
     A selection of Reichert refractometers is featured in the literature, including the Goldberg Series TS Meter, a high precision handheld clinical refractometer, the Phoenix Series refractometer VET 360 Veterinary TS Meter, and the HP series TS 400, a handheld clinical refractometer designed for clinical, chemistry, and classroom laboratories.

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