photoThe semi-quantitative enzyme screening immunoassay Leptospira Dip-S-Ticks test kit has been FDA cleared to detect IgM antibodies to Leptospira biflexa (serovar patoc 1). L. biflexa has broad cross-reactivity among species and has become the organism of choice for development of serological assays.
      The kit is designed for use with serum, heparinized plasma or heparinized whole blood. Sensitivity and specificity of the assay are comparable to the microplate ELISA and microscopic agglutination test methods.
     Leptospirosis is a geographically widespread spirochetal disease that infects humans through contact of skin or mucous membranes with contaminated urine of wild or domestic animals. Half of all Leptospira infections occur from July to October.
     Purified antigens are spotted on test dipsticks, which are incubated with the test specimen then immersed in an antibody solution. Developer is then used to create a visible reaction. A blue spot indicates a positive result.
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