pn04.jpg (6991 bytes)The Accutest NicoMeter identifies women at risk because of tobacco use during pregnancy. Because the test determines tobacco-usage levels, it can verify and monitor the smoking status of individuals participating in smoking cessation and wellness programs, which can increase compliance.
The test provides biochemical verification with cotinine, a nicotine metabolite. It is a one-step, rapid immunoassay that uses a patented technology to provide quantification of cotinine levels in minutes. It is a semi-quantitative test that determines the cotinine levels in a test subject’s urine. The cotinine level in the sample corresponds with smoking level and/or nicotine intake. By measuring the increase or decrease of cotinine levels in the sample, tobacco usage can be monitored.
The test features a gradient format and it does not require reagents or other chemicals. It deliver results in minutes and can be stored at room temperature. Jant Pharmacal