judy ed msgI was chatting with William DeSalvo, BS HTL(ASCP), who’s just returned from the DPA’s Pathology Visions 2013 conference. Says it was a very good meeting.

He co-presented a workshop—”Implementation of Digital Pathology in a Clinical Environment.”

The theme of the presentations was changed to include more clinical-oriented talks, moving away from the primary research education.

He says many labs are using digital pathology (DP) in the clinical setting and not waiting for, or needing to perform, primary diagnosis.

DeSalvo has always felt that there are so many other uses of DP before you discuss primary diagnosis—and the participants and presentations confirmed his thoughts.

“I see the field, companies, and users continuing to grow and pushing for more adoption and use. I am confident that DP will continue to see healthy growth and continue to move from the exciting to essential part of anatomic pathology,” he says.

Next year’s meeting’s in San Francisco.

[DeSalvo, who’s a member of CLP‘s editorial advisory board, wrote the article titled “Anatomic Pathology Takes a Leap in Quality Improvement,” for CLP‘s September 2013 issue.]

Judy O’Rourke
Chief Editor, CLP
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